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Screenshot of the application Launch

The Problem

MetCredit's clients fill out "listing forms" which detail many kinds of information on debt owed to them. Historically, these were downloaded as PDFs, filled out by hand or in Adobe Acrobat, and then submitted by email or snailmail along with many attachments (signed contracts, liens, etc.). After this, agents at MetCredit would enter the information into spreadsheets. This process was inefficient for both the clients and for MetCredit.

My Role

After Graphos built the MetCredit website, MetCredit approached us wanting a "web form" to replace their existing PDF solution. I argued that given the complexity of the information (more than one hundred fields and about a dozen possible attachments) that a simple "contact form" on a CMS-based website would be insufficient for their needs, and they should consider a standalone application built on an MVC framework. The application collects data over a series of form submissions, and - when the user is ready - transmits all the data plus attachments to MetCredit's internal infrastructure by SFTP.

I proposed building the app in a series of "sprints" that allowed testing and feedback at each stage. I eventually chose the Laravel framework as a suitable foundation, and built the initial 1.0 release according to that plan.